John Lee's Upcoming Events and Appearances

U.S. Journal Training, Inc: Trauma, Addictions & Intimacy Disorders Conference in Nashville, TN

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

4:00-5:30pm "The Half-Lived Life: Overcoming Passivity and Rediscovering Your Authentic Self" concurrent workshop
7:00-8:30pm "The Art and Science of Intimacy" roundtable presentation with John Lee, MA; Pat Love, EdD; and Rob Weiss, LCSW, CSAT-S
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"Being Together & Being Apart" Online Classes, 4 Part Series

Wednesday, May 21, May 28, June 4 and June 11

7:00-8:00pm EDT (6:00-7:00pm CDT)
$39 each or all 4 for $139

In these 60-minute live, interactive online classes, John Lee will present brand-new material on relationships and take you through the process of forming, maintinaing, and if needed, compassionately ending relationships. In this virtual classroom format, John and all students are able to see, hear and interact with each other via the easy-to-use ZOOM® conferencing system. Within 48 hours of registration, class instructions and login info will be emailed to you.

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"Come Here, Go Away": Understanding Rhythms of Closeness
Wednesday, May 21 at 7pm-8pm EDT (6pm-7pm CDT)

(Sydney - 9am, Thursday, May 22 and London - 12am, Thursday, May 22)
Not knowing our own deep internal rhythms can be deadly to our relationships with others. Our rhythm of closeness—the “come here, go away” cha-cha-cha that we all dance with our lovers and spouses—was set by the family in which we were raised. In order to maintain healthy boundaries in a relationship, we must discover our own rhythms of closeness: how much time we can spend with a lover, spouse or partner before we feel our soul and identity slipping away? How much time do we need alone before we come back to ourselves feeling whole again? Learning how to know and respect your own—and how to support your partner’s—rhythms of closeness can make your relationship immeasurably healthier and more functional.

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"Next!": Learning When To Move On
Wednesday, May 28 at 7pm-8pm EDT (6pm-7pm CDT)

(Sydney - 9am, Thursday, May 29 and London - 12am, Thursday, May 29)
Oftentimes in new relationships men and women go to great lengths, often sacrificing too much of their authentic selves, to “make it work.” But perhaps this sacrifice simply means that two people are not suitable partners. In forming healthy relationships, it is crucial to know what kinds of compromises indicate the possibility of a healthy relationship and which indicate the possibility of an unhealthy one. This class is designed to help you distinguish if you should move on to the next candidate and how to gracefully do so.

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Compassionate Divorce: Uncoupling Gently & Respectfully
Wednesday, June 4 at 7pm-8pm EDT (6pm-7pm CDT)

(Sydney - 9am, Thursday, June 5 and London - 12am, Thursday, June 5)
Some couples approach divorce at each other’s throats and others, while brokenhearted, wish to extend the same loving-kindness that nourished the relationship into the transition out of it. No matter which type you are, you can learn the advantages to yourself and to your partner of approaching it gently and respectfully.

The idea of going through the heartrending experience of divorce or separation with grace and empathy may seem daunting and indeed it is, but the benefits are great and long-lasting. Bringing a light of compassion and respect can prevent you from compounding what is already a devastating life event.

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Negative Space: When a Partner Suffers Depression or Despair
Wednesday, June 11 at 7pm-8pm EDT (6pm-7pm CDT)

(Sydney - 9am, Thursday, June 12 and London - 12am, Thursday, June 12)
Many of us have felt that helpless feeling as we watch a spouse or partner descend into a world where we cannot seem to connect with them any longer. The words we once said and the things we once did no longer seem to work. How do you handle yourself when you realize you are watching a loved one enter this darkness? What about when you are the partner descending into your own hopeless abyss?

This class will focus on how to handle a relationship in which you or your partner—or both—are depressed or despairing. Your best intentions, if incorrectly conveyed, may harm instead of help. Learn how to give the best support to your partner and to yourself by employing techniques to keep communication honest, open, healthy and helpful. You will learn to identify codependent habits so you will know how to keep codependency from intensifying an already difficult situation.

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46th Annual Southwestern School for Behavioral Health Studies

Monday, August 18, 2014

Conference theme Whole Health: Integrating Tradition, Best Practices and Collective Wisdom

Loews Ventana Canyon
Tucson, AZ

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