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when the buddha met bubba audiobook 5 cd set

When the Buddha Met Bubba Audiobook
(Unabridged) 5-CD Set

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Description: When The Buddha Met Bubba is a novel about spiritual growth and faith that will make you laugh and bring you to tears. Bestselling non-fiction writer, John Lee, wrote the novel under the pen name, Richard "Dixie" Hartwell.

Mark Webb, acclaimed actor and Director of Northeast Theatre, is the voice behind Bubba in the audiobook version of the novel, When the Buddha Met Bubba. His extensive experience in theatre and dialects lends itself perfectly to voice the characters of this humorous, yet spiritual, southern novel.

The 5-CD professionally mastered and recorded audiobook promises to entertain and delight new and existing fans of When the Buddha Met Bubba.


the missing peace audio cd lecture john lee

The Anger Solution 3-CD Set


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Description: The Proven Method for Achieving Calm and Developing Healthy, Long-Lasting Relationships. Discover the differences between healthy and harmful anger with John Lee’s life-changing program. Therapist Lee’s proven method will help anyone immediately tap into the causes of their own anger, allowing them to get a handle on the emotions that cause stress and pain. Without guilt, shame, embarrassment, resentment, or hopelessness, The Anger Solution offers groundbreaking information on controlling rage. Featuring the Detour Method—a practical, easy process that can save relationships, create deeper connections, and dissipate rage.