The Difference Between Grieving and Self-Pity

This is a brief excerpt is from one of my latest books, The Flying Boy Letters: Getting Back to Y’all 30 Years Later, published by Teitlebaum Publishing. Back in the day people actually wrote letters to authors. This book contains dozens of letters and my answers to their questions. Ms. “Very Impatient With Myself” writes: […]

Lack of Grief: A Thorn in the Flesh

It’s Good Friday here in Coronavirus Land. We might say on this “Holy Week” that the virus itself is our thorns, or the fear being distributed by the media is pricking and piercing us, for some it is the Federal Government that is sticking it to us. For me, it is all of the above, […]

Grieving: The Doorway to Healing and to Maturity

This is the time of year when a lot of grief may rise to the surface, and a season that should not be about money. In that regard, when I first started my counseling career over 30 years ago, I did so with the objective to just help folks. Even though I have kept that objective in […]