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the anger solution book by john lee

This is a unique and powerful approach to Anger and Rage. Discover the differences between health and harmful anger with John Lee’s life-changing program. Therapist Lee’s proven method will help anyone tap into the causes of their own anger, allowing them to get a handle on the emotions that cause stress and pain. Without guilt, shame, embarrassment, resentment, or hopelessness this lecture offers groundbreaking information on controlling rage. The Anger Solution promises to be the next classic in anger management. (Total run time: 2 hrs 38 min)

at my father's wedding book

In this moving, compassionate presentation John Lee shows how to break the crippling cycle of emotional wounds that are passed from father to son. Sharing his own struggle to come to terms with his father and to recover from a troubled childhood, Lee tells the listener how all men can let go of the past and reclaim themselves and say goodbye to the patterns that are no longer useful or wanted. (Total run time: 00:57:30)


Growing Growing Yourself Back Up Book by John LeeYourself Back Up is John Lee’s book that thousands of therapists recommend to their clients every year. This lecture will help the listener recognize, prevent, and diffuse regression in themselves and others. Lee teaches, for example, that adults cannot be abandoned – they can only be left. If you’re feeling abandoned, you’re regressing. He also reminds us that no matter how overwhelmed we are, adults always
have options; if you believe you don’t, you’re in a regression.

Growing Yourself Back Up will show you how to:

  • develop strong emotional boundaries and convey them to others
  • learn the Detour Method that reverses regression
  • confront without regression
  • communicate with the authority figures you push your buttons
  • minimize regression at family functions

Lee offers hope – as well as practical strategies that work – for conquering those childlike feelings of powerlessness that are almost always rooted in regression. (Total run time: 1:26:00)



This is a touching and tender talk that will change forever the way you think about love – sending it, receiving it – with those you love whether family, friends, lovers, and even colleagues. It will remind you to throw away “The Golden Rule” when it comes time to loving people and adopt “The Platinum Rule” that says send the people you love the kind of love they long for and tell your loved ones the way you wish to be loved. (Run Time: 00:46:30)


This ion-the-mountain-of-tearss Robert Bly and John Lee reading together their poetry after the Mentone Men’s Conference in the mountains of North Alabama that they co-hosted for 16 years. You will hear the master poet, Robert Bly, weave his words together to form the magic that only he can produce. Lee reads with enthusiasm and excitement with his long-time friend. (Run Time: 1 hr 13 min)