Testimonials-Personal Clients

What Private Clients Are Saying About Working with John Lee

“John has a great ability to connect with his readers through writing about what he has experienced in life and offers solutions to overcome the difficulties we all face in life. I have found John to be a compassionate and a wise person who is able to identify my issues, and at the same time, show me a way out to a brighter light.” V.P., Clinical Pharmacist

“My two days working with John were a gift. I felt he cared about and was deeply committed to my personal growth. His insight and acceptance made looking at difficult issues possible.” Azad Shivdasani, Company Chairman

“My weekend in January 2014 with John Lee became the most formative, insightful and powerful time I have ever spent. That weekend has made all the difference in every aspect of who I am, how others perceive me and how I live.” Ward Cammack, Executive Coach

I cannot say enough about the work John and I did together. I will summarize by saying that my work with John has created the opportunity for me to release anger in the most effective and healthy ways…ways I did not know were possible. I have fantastic new tools that I use both on myself and with my clients on connecting anger emotionally and physically, as well as expressing it appropriately. If you are considering working with John, I highly recommend it!” James S., Executive Coach