Testimonials-Professional Clients

What Professionals Are Saying About John’s Lee’s Work:

“John takes very sophisticated material that is very important to understand and makes it wonderfully simple!”
John Bradshaw, therapist, bestselling author and America’s leading personal growth expert

“John Lee is one of the greatest teachers in the United States.”
Robert Bly, poet, author of numerous books including Iron John

“A perennial favorite at MAHEC in Western North Carolina, John Lee is known for his immediately practical and refreshing approach to problems that we all face at work and at home. John has presented for us for over 17 years and people still ask for more. What better testimony is there to John’s gift of teaching?”
Karen C. Blicher, LCSW, CHT, Director of Mental Health Education, MAHEC, Asheville, NC

“John Lee is one of most knowledgeable, down to earth and engaging teachers I’ve worked with. He presents important information and techniques in a clear, inspirational, and highly practical way. The feedback for his programs over the years has been consistently excellent. I highly recommend him as a speaker/teacher.”
Adele Heymen, Former Managing Program Director, New York Open Center, New York, NY

“John Lee is a master communicator who uses his talent and humor to engage tough customers. I’ve seen him appeal to the most hard boiled business executives and get them to see the importance of emotional intelligence in the workplace.”
Jim Ware, CFA, Author of Investment Leadership: Building a Winning Culture for Long-term Success