About John Lee

Author, Teacher, Trainer, Life Coach

John Lee is a pioneer in the fields of self-help, anger, codependency, creativity, recovery, relationships and men’s issues. In the mental health field, he is considered the therapist’s therapist and regularly trains and mentors therapists on how to work with clients and how to work on themselves. He has taught his techniques and theories to thousands of individuals, couples, families, groups, corporations, and therapists all over the world.

After 35 years of touring nationally and internationally, bestselling author, John Lee, calls Austin, TX his home.

He is available for 50-minute sessions by phone, FaceTime or Zoom, etc. Schedule your time today and continue your own journey of growth, healing, and personal development.

Austin, TX

If you need a life coach or counselor in Austin, John lives just a stone’s throw from its beautiful downtown area. You can see him for a variety of issues including anger management, relationships, recovery, and creativity.

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Background and Credentials

John Lee, best-selling author of The Flying Boy: Healing the Wounded Man, has written twenty-five books, including his latest release, Odd One Out: Radical Revelations on Relationships, Self-Help, and Personal Growth.

John’s highly innovative work in the fields of emotional intelligence, anger management and emotional regression has made him an in-demand consultant, teacher, trainer, coach and speaker. His contributions in the fields of recovery, relationships, men’s issues, spirituality, parenting and creativity have put him in the national spotlight for over twenty years.

He has been featured on Oprah, 20/20, Barbara Walter’s, The View, CNN, PBS, and NPR. He has been interviewed by Newsweek, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, and dozens of other national and international magazines and radio talk shows.

John Lee has consulted and trained prestigious institutions in the clinical environment including The Betty Ford Clinic, Guy’s Hospital (London, England), The New York Open Center, The Hanley Center (West Palm Beach, FL), South Pacific Hospital (Sydney, Australia), and Mountain Area Health and Education Center (North Carolina), and numerous others.

John’s work in recovery, codependency, and adult children has positioned him as a leader in the field of addiction.

His unique approach to anger management has not only been embraced by the therapeutic community, but by the corporate sector and the general public. His non-traditional approach has been taught worldwide with great success. His Austin and Mentone Intensives have attracted highly-motivated clients who want more one-on-one time than the usual fifty-minute hour can provide.

John’s work with men’s issues has positioned him as one of the leaders and early pioneers of the men’s movement. His Mentone, Alabama Men’s Conference (co-hosted with Robert Bly) ran for 16 years and drew participants from around the world.

For over 35 years, John Lee has conducted private and group sessions on a variety of issues working with men, women, couples and families. He lectures, gives workshops and trainings, delivering sensitive, sophisticated material to audiences in a humorous and simple way everyone can understand. His lectures have been branded as “hilariously entertaining, deeply compassionate, yet filled with ‘tell it like it is!’”

John served as a professor at the University of Texas and Alabama before becoming a writer, best-selling author, life coach, and personal consultant.

The Wound Is Where the Light Enters You ~ Rumi

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A Word from John Lee

Let’s take a look together at depression and despair, happiness and joy, faith and hope. Understanding the differences is life changing. Over the last few years of my own personal loss, examining these themes taught me to love in a way I never had before, a way based in loving people more than you need them. I’d like to share that with you.

I’m currently teaching this material (and much more) in workshops across the country, as well as in private sessions.