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Writing from the Body for Writers, Artists and Dreamers

Writing Workshops and Individual Coaching

Being an artist is a challenging journey. It means baring your soul and revealing yourself in a way that “normal” people could never do. The process can bring creative fulfillment, joyful discoveries and deep connections, but it can also be full of obstacles, rejection and pain—this is why so many artists give up.

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Writing from the Body seeks to break the chains that keep you from enjoying a fulfilling, creative life.

Though the workshop is focused on writers, the insights can easily translate to creative people of all disciplines, including art, music, dance and theater. In fact, Writing from the Body is for anyone—writer, artist or dreamer—who longs to free their voice.

Here’s what one of John’s writing clients says:

John Lee goes above and beyond any other writing coach you’ll ever encounter. He will not only give expert advice on what you have written, he will push you to channel your deepest, most authentic emotions in your work. He will draw out of your writing a depth more authentic than you imagined existed. If you are at a roadblock in your work, he’ll address the root of the block in a way that less experienced writing coaches could not, offering true solutions to any problems you may encounter in your creative process. He will bring forth facets of yourself in your work by asking questions others would not even know how to ask. If you want to see what you’re really capable of in your writing, highly recommend John Lee.
~KH, Austin, TX

Key Discussion Topics

Overcoming Writer’s Block

Discover the secret to conquering this misunderstood phenomenon. Everything you’ve been taught about writer’s block and how to overcome it is wrong. It’s time to deconstruct writer’s block and name it what it really is: fear. Once you are given the tools to deal with this psychological block, you can defeat it and never let it stand in your way again.

Writing Authentic Characters

You’ve read several books on creating genuine characters, but something is still missing. Maybe your characters lack depth or uniqueness. You intend to write layered and complex characters, yet you end up with cookie-cutter actors right out of central casting. If you want to bring memorable characters to life that are textured and real, you’ll need to access that genuineness in yourself first.

Speaking the Truth: Lessons in Fearless Writing

Whether you want to write fiction or non-fiction, good writing always reveals us and those closest to us. If you’re afraid that writing your truth will expose you or a loved one, you need to shatter that mindset and the emotional entanglements—like co-dependency—that propagate it. If you don’t, you will never completely open the door that leads to meaningful art.

Finding Your Voice

Anyone can learn to write technically perfect sentences, paragraphs or books. But is winning a grammar prize your goal? A true artist learns their craft and seeks to share themselves in the most intimate and revealing way by using their unique voice; a voice that sets them apart from everyone else. Could a painting from Van Gogh be mistaken for anyone else’s work? Of course not. A true artist makes it their mission to discover their distinct point of view in all their creations to set themselves apart. This is a journey of self-discovery that requires courage. Learn how to channel that courage to find your voice.

The Myth of the Starving Artist

Do you think artists are doomed to a life where they are always struggling to make ends meet? This section shatters that myth with examples of people just like you who rejected that legend and lived fulfilled and successful lives.

About John Lee

For the past twenty years, John Lee has helped writers find their true voice and overcome obstacles in their creative lives. He has coached amateur and professional writers and taught writing workshops all over the country. He has written 24 books published with major houses including Bantam, Random House and St. Martin’s Press. Two of his memoirs were national best-sellers. In addition, he’s penned books on self-help, creativity, spirituality, recovery, men’s issues and relationships. Lee has also written screenplays, three books of poetry and an award-winning novel.

Writing from the Body Workshop

Saturday, October 14, 2017

The Austin Men’s Center
812 W. 11th Street
Suite 300B
Austin, TX 78701

9:30am-4pm (lunch break will be at least one hour)

$79.99 (includes workshop and book)

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“John Lee is one of the greatest teachers in the United States.”
~Robert Bly, poet, author of numerous books including Iron John

One-on-One Sessions

Beginning August 1, 2017, John Lee will offer individual coaching sessions for writers, artists, and anyone interested in living a more authentic and fulfilling creative life. The sessions are appropriate for beginners up to professionals.

Each 50-minute session is usually $150, but if you purchase a bundle* you can save up to 25%. And you can do your session via phone, webcam (Skype/Zoom) or FaceTime (you must have an iPhone).

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