Jesus and I Decided to See Other People: A Short Spiritual Memoir of Sorts

“Tell all the truth but tell it slant.” Emily Dickenson

For I was hungry, and you cut my food stamps.

I was a stranger and you deported me.

I was sick and you denied my healthcare.

I was a child afraid to go to school and you voted with NRA.

I needed a prescription for my child, and you charged me $1,000 per pill and in Canada it is $1.00.

You have three opulent homes – one in California, an apartment in New York, and a beach house in southern France but you call yourself a Christian while homeless people are sitting under an overpass.

You drive two or three $100,000 plus car while billions still walk or ride in carts pulled by donkeys or oxen.

We drink our bottled water while Native Americans have it trucked in or they do without.

We annihilate the Amazon Forest, and to quote John Prine, “then they wrote it all down as the progress of man…”

We refuse to believe in climate change as Miami tries to raise their roads for the impending floods.

What is wrong with us?

Some of what I just said may partially explain why Jesus and I decided to see other people.

“…that ain’t anything but a way to say something…” Flannery O’Connor Wise Blood

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  1. Not only do I see the homeless, but feel for them so much that I give them money and ask questions and see how else I can help. Where I live on Long Island
    they are building huge 3 plus story complexes charging minimum $3,000 for a one bedroom rental. Maybe someone should donate one to our homeless population!

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