Covid Slumber: A Note

The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you—

Don’t go back to sleep…” Rumi

A great and deep sleep descended on me and perhaps on you as well. Covid 19 threw me into a kind of hibernation cave with internet connections and Netflix. I’m thankful for my clients on Zoom and Facetime without which I might have never come out of my pajamas or sweatpants. Thank you, clients.

I’ll be honest and admit my somnambulist state has not been very good for my body and heart. Sleepwalkers run into things and have a hard time connecting to friends and loved ones.

Three years later it is time to wipe the sleep from my eyes and open my ears to the ones that I’ve let slide, left behind and disconnected from for far too long. If you are one of them, please accept my apologies and forgive me.

I am Rip Van Winkle yawning, stretching, and doing some grief work about the days and the years gone by.

My intention for 2023 is to be more available, read more books, finish the one I’ve been working on during this Covid hiatus and I can see clients back in my offices in Austin and Pensacola while still working online with others.

Note: I’ll be doing whatever personal work that awaits to more fully open my heart and heal my somewhat solitary soul.

Have a good year and we will be in touch. Thank you.

Wake up everybody no more sleeping in bed…” Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes

Please reach out to my assistant, Kathy at, or myself at if you would like to schedule a phone, Facetime, or Zoom session. I have resumed my 2-day Intensive in Austin, Texas and beginning in March it will be available in Pensacola, Florida.