When The Buddha Met Bubba

By Richard “Dixie” Hartwell (pen name for John Lee)

Bringing A Story To Life

If you or someone you know could help make this charming little book into a movie or a series, please pass it on and let me know. I have previously optioned this book, but it has yet to be made into a movie. Help me transform this story from written words to the movie screen! For more information, please contact us at assistant@johnleebooks.com

This is the heart-warming story of Billy Bob Coker, also known as Bubba, a redneck who reaches rock bottom, until a freak head injury results in the appearance of his own personal Buddha. From that moment forward, Bubba isled on a humorous journey of introspection through the backwoods of the Deep South and through his own flawed preconceptions and relationships.

Recipient of the 2010 National Indie Excellence Award for best book in the New Age Fiction Category.


“I just read When The Buddha Met Bubba. It is so John Lee!! … It is different from what I have read by John, but it is also very much speaking through him.” N. Munsey

“‘When the Buddha Met Bubba’ is then a kind of allegory or fable, with lessons to be learned and a whole lot of amusing sugar to help the medicine go down. “Alabama Public Radio “Telling the story from Bubba’s point of view, with his ungrammatical English and Southern speak, establishes a solid sense of character and place, and funny anecdotes woven throughout add charm.” Publishers Weekly

“I have read the first 6 chapters of your book, and I am hooked. What a great read. There are spices of myth, poetry, al-anon, AA, and plenty of red-neck -what a combo.” E. Davis

“Reading this, I had very clear pictures of the whole scene. Maybe this could be a movie…” J. Howard

“One of the best books I’ve read in a long time. The storytelling is very playful while the author explores provocative themes of race, religion, and sexual orientation through the eyes of an ordinary redneck. I recommend it on a regular basis and have given it as a gift on more than one occasion.” Verified Purchase

“’Trust Me.’ Brilliantly used … what a Hook! What beautiful words come to tell this wonderful and moving story of the Buddha & Bubba. I laughed almost as much as I cried, and there was plenty on both accounts.” T. Vetter