When The Buddha Met Bubba

By Richard “Dixie” Hartwell (pen name for John Lee) Bringing A Story To Life If you or someone you know could help make this charming little book into a movie or a series, please pass it on and let me know. I have previously optioned this book, but it has yet to be made into […]

When the Buddha Met Bubba

Here’s an excerpt from my first award-winning novel penned under the pseudonym, Richard Dixie Hartwell, now available as an audio release by Creative Change Conferences and soon to be released as a movie. It’s a story about Billy Bob Coker, also known as Bubba, a redneck who reaches rock bottom until a freak head injury […]

Pagans, Poetry and Back sliding

The University of North Alabama, formerly Florence State College, formerly Florence State Teacher’s College, spread out before me waiting to suck me into its academic belly, digest me and spit me out an educated hillbilly, redneck, retired salesman, boozer and babe chaser, and send me on to seminary and then out into the wicked world […]

School-Dazed and Confused

Now for a totally different kind of blog post in a more personal story/memoir format. Part of the reason I’m doing this is because memoir will be heavily discussed in my latest Writing from the Body workshop. If you like these types of posts, please let me know and I’ll post regularly. Life is a […]

Life Is A Funny Old Dog – Introduction

An Excerpt from the Introduction of a Memoir in Progress In Alabama, if you meet someone you know you say, “How’s your momma’n’em?” If you don’t know them, you say hello, pass some pleasantries, and then you say, “So who are your people?” Let me answer this question. These are my people, at least the […]