The power of a man … is his present means to obtain some future apparent good.

~ Thomas Hobbes

Many of us have lived for power, often getting it at a very high cost to ourselves and the people we love. In such cases, we seldom feel empowered by our actions. Nor do we feel able to aid and empower others.

Now more and more of us are striving to discover a new way of being, one that allows us and our sons, daughters, lovers, and friends to feel energized and connected to our Source. We’re beginning to see that our play and our work are creative acts, not so different from each other. We feel a new love of life, a new conviction that even corporations, factories, offices, and shops can be run in a way that nurtures and supports us all.

Today is a day to explore my understanding of loving empowerment. I will cease vying for power with those around me. Instead I delight in finding and using that divine power inside myself. Today may everything I do and say be aligned with the true Source of all power.

Excerpt from A Quiet Strength: Meditations on the Masculine Soul