Are You Empathetic or Sympathetic? There’s a Big Difference

“…Tell me about your despair, And I’ll tell you about mine…” Mary Oliver While nothing much is as black and white as things sound, for the purposes of discussion, here are the definitions. Empathy: I understand some of what you are feeling and going through because I’ve been through similar experiences myself. Sympathy: I feel […]

Enhancing Emotional Intelligence – Part II

Separation vs Isolation Emotionally intelligent people engage in separation instead of isolation. By age two children begin the process of separating from their parents. By age twelve they are fully engaged in the process; unless the parents did not experience healthy separation from their parents, in which case they will tend to cling and limit […]

Enhancing Emotional Intelligence – Part I

Feelings Are As Important As Facts First things first—A feeling is a fact at the moment a person is experiencing it. Emotion is as important as logic. In other words, if a person feels sad because their pet of ten years is lost or died, the sadness is as real as the sun, and they […]