NOTES: Thinking About Freedom and Money

“Without a rich heart, wealth is an ugly beggar.” Emerson “I want to have more money,” a client said to me during his session yesterday, “so I’ll have more freedom to do what I am passionate about; I really need more money.” There is so much that we have been taught, told, and modeled or […]

Reclaiming Our Masculinity

“On my father’s wedding day no one was there to hold him. Noble loneliness held him.” Robert Bly  At a certain point in any boy’s life, his father should let him win, be right, be victorious. Whether the battle is physical or intellectual, it is symbolic for the boy who would become a man. Perhaps […]

The Lost Father – Our Deepest Wound

It took me a long time to repair the father-son wound. Lots of grief had to be dipped out of my body; some anger had to be put into overstuffed pillows, punching bags, and a little shouting into the ether. And sure enough, the healing began thanks to mentors, therapists, healers, and friends. So, since […]